Dojikko Ossan Omegaverse - Soramametaro

Yaoi Mature Smut Yaoi(BL) Manga Comedy Omegaverse


How can this man be so clumsy and shameless!!? An esteemed alpha is getting toyed with by this middle-aged omega! Everyone looks up to the super elite alpha, Takamura, but he finds himself troubled by a certain someone. The person in question is Kazuma Oda, a clumsy middle-aged man who's employed in the company he manages. What's more, he's often dragging him into all kinds of steamy accidents! He gets pushed to the ground in the halls, and sometimes even shows up with his body drenched in water... Is he doing it on purpose? When Takamura starts suspecting him, he finds out that Kazuma is actually a hard-working and earnest man. He's not supposed to be interested in old men, but new and foreign feelings are starting to stir... Wait, no! He can't let that happen! Just as he was struggling to resist, he happens upon Kazuma when he's going into heat...!

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