The Tyrannical Lady has a Cheat! - Star man dimension

Manhua Action Comedy Reincarnation Romance Villainess


Finally! I confessed my love, I am sure to get together with my boyfriend-to-be now... But one PC accident later, I somehow ended up in the world of cultivation and immortals?! !Not only that, I was reborn as the useless eldest miss of the Liu Family with no talent in cultivation at all, a waste, But not to worry, in this world, I have a cheat! Too cliche you say? perhaps.With so many dashing, hot Immortals around, who cares about the boyfriend-to-be in my old world?As the good-for-nothing Eldest Young Miss of the Liu family, I will take the lead! Don't look down on me, with the help of my cheat, I will become a tyrannical Lady! Who says a girl can't have a little bit of fun?

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