Omae no Kuchi wo Husaganaitona? -Kare ni Osowaru M no Hinkaku- - Korome

Josei Mature Smut Josei(W) Romance


It's been two years since Yukino was transferred to the regional sales office of the major corporation she works for. She enjoys life, attending singles parties and going on trips abroad. But she feels like something's missing. A friend suggests she tries online dating, but she tries joining a regular chatroom first. She meets up with the mysterious and attractive Yuki, who takes her to a hotel. She ends up having a night like she's never experienced. Freaked out, she runs from the hotel the next morning and later deletes her chat account. But wait, who's the man that's been transferred to her office...!? He knows she wants to obey him. What's happening to her!?

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