Giratsuki Joushi to Gisou Kekkon!? - Kyo kanai

Josei Smut Josei(W) Manga Romance Office Workers


“You’re quite the stubborn wife.” That throbbing feeling deep inside of me is about to make me pass… out…! Office lady Chiya takes up a special bonus from her full-of-himself boss, Hayato Honjou. However, the place he brings her to is a marriage interview!? Not only that, after he forcibly steals a kiss from her in front of a crowd of people, he announces that “she’s the woman who will be my wife”...!? The contingency fee is $50,000! Without any doubts, Chiya agrees to Hayato’s “Fake Marriage Plan,” but… “Even if it’s fake, it needs to seem real, right?” Just a kiss makes Chiya drenched. Moreover, Hayato keeps adding more fingers, and… she’s cumming just from foreplay! Do we really need to go this far if it’s fake!?

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