Trip Saki ni Osake to Kajitsu ga Ippai Atta Monde - Aisaka momoka

Josei Shoujo Shoujo(G) Manga Fantasy Isekai Romance Slice of Life


Plain-Jane Sanae ends up in the land of fluffy-eared people...!? During the summer of the year she turns twenty, Sanae Iijima was enjoying her vacation at her grandparents' house with her twin brother... She suddenly falls into another world that looks like something out of a historical drama. An unexpected turn of events put her in the care of the gorgeous tiger-man, Towa, and pretty rabbit-boy, Inaba... What? She needs to revitalize the village and think up a plan to encourage girls to visit? Using the information saved on her phone, she is determined to help. With abundant alcohol and fruit from the mountain on hand, she gets to work ...!

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