Retsujou PARADOX -Banken ha Yoru Kiba wo Muku- - Silva

Yaoi Mature Smut Yaoi(BL) Drama


You've been holding in your carnal desires for so long, your body has become pitiful... The next target of Seiji Kiriya, a private investigator, is Hiroki Yano, the go-getting secretary of a powerful politician who has "special information." To get the information he needs, Seiji succeeds in becoming Hiroki's "friend in bed." As they consummate their passion-filled physical relationship over and over again, Seiji realizes that Hiroki has feelings for a special someone and starts to get jealous. In comparison, Hiroki has a secret he can't tell Seiji, becoming overwhelmed with feelings for his new friend... This is the long awaited comic compilation of the ambitious series about intermixing carnal desires, written with a very delicate touch!!

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