Inmananoni, Tadanoningen Ni Anan Nakasa Re Chaimashita. - Rera

Josei Smut Josei(W) Manga Demons Fantasy Romance


[Batoto Scans] "No, if we keep this up... I'll come again...!" This is so embarrassing!!! I didn't expect sex with a "human male" to feel so good...! Eri is an ordinary office worker however, she has has a secret; she's actually a succubus who preys on human semen! Having not been elevated from the title of a virgin due to her successive failures, Eri sets her sights on a senpai at her company, Tatsumi, and decides to seduce him. "Are you trying to seduce me? This is how kissing should be." She's having her first deep kiss, her nipples are being nibbled, and her panties are also getting wet from all the teasing.... And since she was so eager going into this, she has lost count of the times she's come by the time the morning arrives. This senpai is even more skilled than a succubus!

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