Kiss dake de Ike souda -Soshite Oretachi ha Ochiteiku- - Oiko komaru / Rei kagemura

Yaoi Smut Yaoi(BL) Romance Manga Drama Showbiz


Dumped by his girlfriend, a newly single Ryo goes to drink away his sorrows. At the bar, he decides to ask his handsome best friend, Kyosuke, to teach him how to kiss. It was just a little kiss, but he can't believe how good it feels... They thought they were just friends, but soon realize their compatibility and sink into the pleasures of love. Lost in their vices, and the troubles of their relationship, they fall deeper and deeper into an intimate relationship. It starts out physically, but the two college students end up in an electrifying sensual romance!. Original uploaded at Bato. Localization by : Renta

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