Oni no Esa ja Arimasen - Shidatsu takayuki

Yaoi Smut Yaoi(BL) Manga Demons Fantasy Supernatural


“Die like this, or give me your strength. It’s your choice,” he whispered to Suoh, who was being strangled and struggling to breathe, and then kissed him eagerly. Third-rate novelist Kuraha Suoh has become the caretaker of an old house by chance. The house is an old Japanese home situated far away from the village, and deep within the home is a warehouse that is prohibited from entry. On a stormy night, Suoh opens the door to the warehouse to investigate a strange noise coming from within. What he sees is a non-human being caged in a cell ― a demon. “Even though you look irritating, your semen tastes delicious.” Since then, Suoh starts living with a demon who, in order to regain his strength and break his seal of confinement, wants to drink his semen and eat him...!?

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