In This Life, I Will Raise You Well, Your Majesty! -

Manhwa Webtoon Drama Fantasy Romance


She gave her all to make her son, 3rd Prince Leon, emperor. On the day this dream was fulfilled, she went to the place where the emperor’s coffin rested, where she found her son dying from the poison he had drunk himself. “I… have never been happy in my life.” Only despair was left for Elisha, who was holding onto her son’s cold corpse. “Leon…” However, after losing consciousness, she woke up to find that her young son was looking at her with his lovely face! “If this isn’t a dream, if it’s a new opportunity… I stole a lot of things in the name of doing it for you, so if you ask me, I will do whatever you want.” Elisha, who vowed to become a good mother in this life, instead of piling up dead bodies and squeezing blood in a war to claim the emperor’s throne, makes a different choice from the past by weaving ties with her stepson, the crown prince.

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