Stockholm Syndrome - Kimpa

Yaoi Adult Mature Smut Yaoi(BL) Manhwa Webtoon Full Color Psychological


“I’m not done talking to you, Hyung.” What is this asshole jabbering about now? “I don't care how much money your family has -- to freakin’ look down on and treat a person like a beggar, how do you think that would make me feel?” Jeong-in was confused as to whether the person in front of him was the same Cho Seung-hyun he had known up till now. “Seung-hyun, I think you’re misunderstanding something, I was just innocently…” “You sure like acting innocent.” Seung-hyun again pinched his lips. It was only then that Jeong-in realized he was holding back laughter. “....Cho Seung-hyun.” You and Han Min-woo have even slept together like dogs, that kind of word doesn't suit you. “……W-what?” “Didn’t you hear me? You and Han Min-woo have even fucked like dogs, so I asked how do you have the audacity to say the word innocent? He had no choice but to doubt his ears. Jeong-in got goosebumps without realizing it and pulled his head back. “Hyung, you don’t even have the basics down.” There was a wrinkle between Jeong-in's fair eyes. His breath became rough because he could not control his anger. Seeing him in such a state, Seung-hyun grinned. "……to make a deal, you should have asked me what I wanted first." “…….” "What a fool." Bam. Someone seemed to hit his head hard.

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