Ore no Koto Mukashi no mama dato Omotteta? Irai shita Hause Keeper ha Bed Making ga Nigate deshita - Mishiroito

Josei Smut Adult Mature Manga Drama Romance


Shizuka is a successful, career-driven woman. But, unbefitting of her pristine appearance, her apartment is a total mess. A friend, unable to accept the sorry state of her friend's place, books a cleaner to come and sort it out. On her doorstep stands her former junior high-school classmate, Takumi Yotsuya, who she had once said hurtful things to. As Takumi deftly cleans her apartment, he comes across a very embarrassing personal object. Mortified, Shizuka agrees to do anything Takumi says as long as he doesn't tell anyone. His reaction is to bring her close and lick her ear. The once timid and effeminate Takumi has grown into a hunk of a man... one that drives Shizuka wild!

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