I'll Be the Matriarch in This Life - Kim roah

Shoujo Manhwa Webtoon Fantasy Full Color Historical Isekai Romance


Florentia was reincarnated as the illegitimate child of the richest family in the empire. She had thought that everything would go well in the future. But her father had passed away, her relatives left her at the doorsteps, and the honourable family she was so proud of was completely ruined… But is this real? She drank a little (a lot) and was hit by a carriage, when she opened her eyes again, she was seven years old? Moreover, the Second Prince, who was the enemy of her family in her previous life is following her around like a dog! “Tia, you’re prettier than me.” “…Are you kidding me right now?” “No. I mean it.” Alright, both the Second Prince and the family are mine! In this life, I’ll have to become the head of the family. ________________________________________________________ Translated with the help of Papago, but I'm (underRAWR) good at making sense out of it. Use Google for Chapter 1-12. I didn't translate them so I can't upload them here.

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