Oni to Majiwaru Oumagatoki Dame Nandomo Surikomanaide - Aki mizuiro

Josei Smut Manga Demons Fantasy Romance Showbiz


You can feel it, right? It's spreading through your body every time I thrust into you. Why does he look exactly like he did several years ago? For a photo shoot, Arisa has come deep into the forest. To this place where she was saved by a certain man a long time ago... Right before the shoot, she gets into a fight with her fellow models and ends up mortally wounded. As her consciousness drifts away, the man from her memories appears before her!? "Succumb to me if you don't want to die!" Just why does she feel pleasure surging from every place he licks and touches!? Something's wrong! This couldn't be the work of a human. As she looks up at him in the darkness, she sees proof that he's not of this world...

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