A Physical Education - Pangin

Yaoi Mature Smut Manhwa SM/BDSM SM/BDSM/SUB-DOM Psychological


Cha Jaehyun’s had it easy for the past few years. His job as a PE teacher is a no-brainer, plus, he’s enjoying the more illicit perks that come with the job. However, his comfy lifestyle is brought into peril with the appearance of the deceptively soft-spoken school inspector, Lee Sunjin. Sunjin catches onto Jaehyun’s secret and uses it to get what he wants, which is…to do whatever he desires to Jaehyun’s body. Initially, Jaehyun only feels humiliation, but humiliation quickly turns into something different. It’s a physical education like no other, one where excrutiating pain turns into inexorable pleasure.

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