Oji-sama Shousetsu-ka to Papa-Katsu Hajimemashita - Shizuku natsuyagi

Josei Smut Josei(W) Romance


Taken higher so many times with the gentle, prince-like man, without even getting on the bed! After a friend asks her to go on a questionable date in her place, Ran Yoshizaki hesitantly decides to go in order to help her father pay back his loan. However, she was given an aphrodisiac without her knowledge and is about to be taken to the hotel! Just when her chastity is in danger, it's none other than a regular at her part-time job and a person she looks up to, writer Haruyoshi Mikami, that saves her! With an uncontrollable heat overflowing from within her, Haruyoshi gently whispers into Ran's ears and reaches deep inside her. What will happen next?

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