Arikawa Kyouju wa Dekiai ga Sugiruyou desu - Sumeragi rin

Josei Smut Josei(W) Romance


Who knew the boyfriend Mirei was dying to have all along was overly affectionate and possessive? Known as one of the two hottest guys at Mirei's university, Mr. Arikawa is actually Mirei's fiance. After throwing herself at him for years, she finally got the proposal she wanted! Which should mean they'll now live happily ever after, right...? When Mirei asks if she can go to an after party with her friend, Mr. Arikawa tells her he needs to leave his mark on her, so no one gets any ideas. Her body can't help but respond to his skillful ways...! She knows it's wrong, but she likes how possessive he is. Will someone walk in on this sweet punishment...?

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