Uru-sama no Meshitsukai Ikoku Nite, 1 Oku de Rakusatsusaremashita. - Kurione.

Josei Smut Adult Mature Manga Romance


Sakura Tomizuka is beauty therapist from Japan who enjoys traveling in her free time to learn more of the world's beauty. She travels to Dubai, expecting to enjoy the most luxurious beauty treatments ever, only to somehow find herself being auctioned to the highest bidder! Surrounded by the relentless cheers of an underworld auction house, a beautiful masked man buys Sakura at an extravagant price. What awaits her is not horrible slavery, but days of sweet indulgence and adoration...! Bought by the mysterious, beautiful noble Urjiwan Taawus, Sakura ends up serving him with her skills as a masseuse...

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