Hatsujou Suru Unmei ~Eriito Alpha No Risei Ga Genkai~ - Nanao rion

Josei Smut Manga Omegaverse Romance Office Workers


"I can’t restrain myself when you look at me that way…” Sumire is an Omega who has just changed to her new job in a first-class company. On her first day at work, she suddenly comes into a strong “heat” that she has never experienced before. It was a gentleman who saves her from her tough situation. The only thing that can be done to stop the “heat” temporarily is by “cumming” and when he touches her, it feels like electricity runs all over her body. His thick and long fingers stir her inside and make her so wet that her juices drip all over the floor…? "Relax and leave it to me" he said, and even though it is her first time meeting him , why does it feel so good...? What if he is her “destiny”?

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