『Shirayukihime to 7 Nin no Koibito』to iu 18 kin Otomege Heroin ni Tenseishiteshimatta Ore ga Zenryoku de Oujitachi kara Nigeru Hanashi - Yona tokiwa

Shoujo Ecchi Smut Gender Bender Isekai Reverse Harem Romance


"Someday, my prince will come..." But no one expected that it would be in a situation like this! In a strange (but heretofore unexplained) series of events, 18-year-old virgin Akira Miura has awoken to find himself reincarnated inside of a video game. Awesome, right? But unfortunately for him, it's not just any video game... he has found that he, or rather, she, is now Snow White, the hapless heroine/eye candy of "Snow White's Seven Lovers," a fantasy porn game! Right from the outset, Snow White finds herself face to face with all those fantasy tropes we all love: handsome princes with fancy outfits and long... names, magic poisons that can only be cured by making love, mind control bugs, and more! Just like I remember from grade school! Given the premise, it's only natural that it should contain plenty of fourth wall-breaking dialogue and of course, all the spicy love and romance that we all crave! Will Snow White be forced to endure the love of the seven princes, or will she (he?) be able to escape and make his own happy ending?

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