Maou Iburogia ni Mi wo Sasageyo - Kaziwara io

Yaoi Adult Smut Yaoi(BL) Manga Fantasy Isekai Magic Romance


"Like, make me your woman." The strongest couple appears to conquer another world!? Toshiaki Ushito (commonly known as Goz) is a socially stray person. One day he is shot dead and wakes up--wait what? He was reincarnated in a game world! Moreover, in front of him is the figure of that game's Last Boss, Demon King Ibrogia, who had been longing for a long time! He who was still young before awakening was trembling with loneliness. "I fell in love with you... I'm dying to start courtship!?" The lonely demon king x demon king who is on the verge of darkness, the world conquest love (!?) Of such a terrible man, begins now!

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