Yume Kara Samete mo Soba ni Ite - Ruka kirato

Josei Smut Manga Romance


“Don’t hide...I want to see everything. Let me fill you up, slowly.” I was feeling uneasy until now, but Mira-kun’s kind and gentle caresses are making me… It’s been 2 years since that unforgettable night. Yukino changed her profession from a beauty retailer to a public relations representative and is currently facing her first major project. Be that as it may, she will be working with the super popular Korean idol group, PLANET, and coincidentally, Mira, with whom she spent that fateful night, is a member of the group. While at work and trying to keep her feelings at bay, Mira sends her secret messages… “Hey, let’s kiss 100 times before I go back.” “You’re so cute, this is the first time I’ve seen you so excited..” Beyond the unforgettable dream (a one night love), starts our new story...

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