My Red String of Fate - Cumin / Shin ji-sang / Iudas / Cheon jian / C&c revolution inc

Shoujo Manhwa Webtoon Adventure Comedy Demons Drama Fantasy Full Color Historical Isekai Magic Reverse Harem Romance Adaptation


After getting pulled into a novel, Leann lives her life as a priestess in a temple, while healing people who are tangled up in red strings. The red string is a death flag that slowly ruins the body and brings you closer to death. And other than the main protagonist, Leann is the only one who can see and remove them. But when she heals an injured man on the street, the red string of fate connects the two of them together, and there is no way of removing it! To make matters worse, the man she is connected to happens to be the worst villain in the novel, Abell! Can she escape from him and live a peaceful life without hindering the original story of the novel?

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