Idakarete Tamaru ka! - Rival Douki ga Watashi o Ai de Oitsumeru (Official) - Tomomitsu yamamoto

Josei Smut Josei(W) Manga Office Workers Romance


"Do you really mean it? Are you saying you're not feeling good when you're so wet?" He's playing with all my sensitive parts, making my whole body melt. Is this what "coming" feels like...!? I, Komari Kanata, a perfectionist, have a natural enemy. He's my colleague who always ranks number one in sales, Kiyose Higashimachi. I don't know if he's aware of my opinion about him, but he always picks fights with me. One day, he finds out about a secret of mine...!! "I can't stop myself when I see your troubled face." When he strokes me inside with his long fingers... I can't! No matter how sweetly you touch me, you're the only one who I won't let embrace me!! A story about the stormy and heart-fluttering relationship between an unreadable man and a bluffing girl.

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