Oni-san Dochira? - Koushokubaraishi to Toraware no Oni - Haruo natsuno

Josei Smut Manga Comedy Demons Historical Romance Supernatural


A female demon is held captive by Mutsu, a handsome, ruthless exorcist with a horrible personality. Given the bizarre name, "Soul," she is forced to help Mutsu with day to day chores as well as finding clients for exorcisms. One day, she tries to escape while Mutsu is asleep, only for him to wake up and force himself onto her. As his hands wander under her clothes, Soul, unfamiliar with her own body, is unable to contain the pleasure she feels. She melts into a puddle after her first "mating" experience... especially after seeing certain expressions on the face of such a brutal man! A love story between a sarcastic exorcist and an optimistic demon!

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