45-sai Oji-sama ha Bukiyou na Kemono -Konya Otona no Sex wo Oshiete- - Tsubomi chikuwa

Josei Smut Manga Romance


Seeing the desire in the polite gentleman's eyes broke the dam that kept her bottled up emotions at bay... On the night Shihori Ogasawara finds out the coworker she had feelings for is engaged to another woman, she happens to bump into a customer she helped earlier that day! His receptive ear and comforting shoulder lead to a night of passion... Firm hands gently caressing her body, like handling a broken treasure, his warm features make Shihori's heart race as she gives in to the ecstasy... He returns to ask her a question before making his request... Will a 45-year-old gentleman and a heartbroken 27-year-old find romance in this love story with an age gap!?

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