Sweet Dream [Mature] - Goshoo

Josei Mature Smut Webtoon Romance Slice of Life


[Mature Audiences Only] Jaehee has a terrible history with dating in the office, so she intentionally remains single to focus on her work. But things get complicated when she starts having risqué dreams about her boss, Mr. Seo, and nothing she does can quell the intoxicating fantasies. While trying to balance work and these impure thoughts, Jaehee happens upon a mysterious old woman that swears a cheap-looking bracelet will protect her from the incubus haunting her dreams. But if what she says is true, then is Mr. Seo really a lustful incubus? It would explain why Jaehee can’t control her physical urges around him. Are these symptoms a reflection of her inner desires or is she simply under her boss’s spell?

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