Motoyan Joushi ga Kawaisugiru!! - Tsubomi chikuwa

Josei Smut Josei(W) Manga Romance


Masumi sneaks into her family's rival company as a spy to steal their secrets. While she thinks she is being hired to be the CEO's personal assistant, she ends up being assigned to the chief manager, Kouki Hasumi, who was supposedly bad news back in high school. A quirk of fate leads them to a hotel together where she carelessly pushes him onto the bed and kisses him! Contrary to his scary, tough-guy persona, his reaction is innocent and so cute... How's he supposed to control himself when the woman he's in love with kisses him!? What should Masumi do!? She didn't mean to, but it looks like she's provoked the beast inside him! A love affair at the office.

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