Starting Today, I’m a Princess?! - Niwe

Shoujo Shoujo(G) Manhwa Webtoon Fantasy Full Color Historical Magic Time Travel


“Please turn back time.” The warrior made a wish. Who cares about a mission, I just want to be a normal girl. But, where is the average life I wished for...? “I’m sure this child is the princess I had lost 12 years ago.” Did I come back as an imperial princess? From a poor warrior who had no name, I became Nanaelle, the princess who had everything. For a moment, I was flustered by how differently things were going from what I had thought, but then I decided to protect the things she never had before... “These are all mine. This time, I’ll never let anyone take them away from me.” Nanaelle who became a princess starting today! What kind of life is waiting for her?

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