Kongai Quartet -Tantei to Hitoduma- - Kanchiku izumi

Josei Smut Romance


The way you're moving makes me think that you want more." I'm with a man that's not my husband. A man I don't know, who is aggressively touching me in sensitive places, and making me feel things I never have before...! "Ah... no... not there..." My yearning body can't even hide how good it feels... Newly-wed Mika Asukai and a handsome doctor had an arranged marriage. So then, why has Mika asked detective Rei Minegishi for a night together in a love hotel? And why did he say yes...!? And now, Mika can't go back to the days when she thought her life was normal... A forbidden love experiment for all the women burdened with secrets they can't tell...

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