Temptress - Oh gye


Haeyo can’t help herself—she gets aroused whenever, wherever. Whether she’s on her way home, in the gym, or in a … Read More

An Innocent Sin - Oh gye

An Innocent Sin

Thinking she's all by herself on the last train home, Nayeon feels the urge to enjoy herself by fantasizing about … Read More

Tempters - Oh gye


For Haesoo, the idea of a demanding, sexually aggressive “queen” has always felt more appealing than being “king” himself. But … Read More

My Lover, My Teacher - Oh gye

My Lover, My Teacher

To the outside world, Kyujin and Doyeol are cousins who live together. But behind closed doors, the younger Doyeol is … Read More

An innocent Sin - Oh gye

An innocent Sin

None Read More